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    This image contains models and is being used for illustrative purposes only.
    The coronavirus has made headlines as it has spread from China to other parts of the world. To help stop the global outbreak in its tracks, Johnson & Johnson is already hard at work on a potential preventive vaccine.
    This image contains models and is being used for illustrative purposes only.
    From a donation of a million masks to help protect vulnerable healthcare workers to committed research on a potential vaccine, the company has activated quickly in several key ways to help address the outbreak.
    Cancer. Alzheimer’s. Even suicide risk. The clues to preventing these and other conditions could be found in our DNA—and these scientists are at the forefront of promising new genetic data research to uncover them.
    Retinol. Peptides. Collagen. When it comes to caring for aging skin, there's a lot of info to digest. Take this quiz to test your knowledge—and get science-backed tips for how to help your skin keep that youthful, natural glow.
    In honor of Presidents' Day, the company's chief historian shares some stories of special company connections to former U.S. presidents, including the day one leader awarded Johnson & Johnson with a medal for a century's worth of innovation.
    Some 20% of people diagnosed with the disease haven't touched a cigarette. For National Cancer Prevention Month, scientists who've dedicated their research to defeating lung cancer discuss why early detection is so key—and what you can do to protect yourself.
    It's the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, with no existing cure. But these researchers are committed to finding better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent the debilitating disease, using everything from innovative biomarker tracking to a potential vaccine for early stage patients.
    In time for Valentine's Day, we posed a heartfelt question to Johnson & Johnson's Chief Historian: What artifact from the archives do you love best?

    Recent Johnson & Johnson Initiatives in the Spotlight

    Learn more about the company’s latest groundbreaking programs, game-changing innovations and global partnerships—all aimed at helping change the trajectory of health for humanity.
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